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Order cancelled by samsung

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Had a very similar experience yesterday. Checked the website and it said the S10+ was in stock. Best, u thought, I'll have that the next day! Went through the upgrade application and got approved and my order was confirmed .Then when my email arrived it did my delivery was due 15th April?! WTF?! How can something "in stock" take 11 days to ship?! Ridiculous! I called the helpline and spoke to someone who basically kept repeating the same thing "I'm sorry, we are experiencing high demand for the phone and are waiting for stock". No acknowledgement of the fact that the website shows the phone in stock and that they don't have any. To me, that seems like false advertising and something for trading standards to look into.


Reading this thread, it seems far too common and I don't hold out a lot of hope for getting my new phone soon. Which is annoying because I've cancelled one phone contact and start another!


I originally ordered the phone on the 28th February. Had confirmation email and everything. Then it said doesn't ship until the 21st March. 

Got an email saying my phone was dispatched on the 19th March. Received an email from dpd saying they will deliver it on the 20th March.

Nothing arrived so I contacted Samsung customer useless and they emailed me ba k saying thank you for canceling the order.



All the emails and calls later. Still have no new phone. No free earbuds.

to top it all they are still saying it's in stock order before 6pm for free next day. Its absolutely disgusting.

If I wasnt already on this upgrade programme I'd tell them to stick it up their *****. Lying conning money grabbing *****.


Hi guys still no word from Samsung so went on Amazon and ordered a S10 plus in green and 128 gb and got it with in the week the customer service was very good there was a problem and the delivery was delayed by one day but they kept me up to date with what was happening and apologised for the delay so I think Samsung should contact Amazon and ask if they could use there Customer Care services to train there staff 

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They cancelled my order after my order was placed with NO Explaination also, yet they did charge my credit card for the patial payment.. I hope this is just a preauthorization.

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If it was cancelled and no more existence of order, and charged you, doesnt seem a partial preautorization.

Due a refund.

Contact samsung direct and get on the tele and be sure to verify the reason for cancellation and if so, when a refund.

Yes I did get my deposit back not from Samsung it was from the Company called Klana who dealt with me for that promotion but no apology from Samsung
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