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Online Barclay App issue


I try to use online banking barclays app. After a while it keeps glitching and make me out of hmthe app.  Is it problem to phone (galaxy s10 plus) or software itself ! Please specify this issue which I never have to come across in my iphone. 

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You could try going into the app via settings -app- find the banking app- location and then clear its cache then try again.


If it's still glitching then there should be a way of contacting the banking apps developers to let them know of this bug for them to resolve @Rai123 



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I got a text today off Barclays saying that there is an issue with the app and S10 phone's , they are working with Samsung about it 

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Hi I had a galaxy s6 edge and was told the app didn't work on the phone because the software was outdated and Samsung were not going to update it so I purchased the s10 thinking this would resolve the issue but £800 later and I still have the same issues and now £800 wasted on a phone. Thanks Barclays and samsung you've just wasted a load of my money for nothing. Resolve the issues you have and stop wasting peoples time and money!

same problem and £900 pocket lighter
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I have the new Samsung Galaxy S10e and I'm experiencing the same issues and problems when using the Barclays mobile app. I received this text message from Barclays today 2nd July 2019. We're sorry you've experienced problems for so long using our apps on your S10 device. A fix is on its way from Samsung, and your provider should make this available to you soon. Keep your eye out for it and make sure you download any software updates that appear. Thanks for your patience. Your Barclays Team