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One UI 2.0 beta UK

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Hi all, 


Can someone simply confirm as to whether the One UI 2.0 beta for the S10 has come to the UK yet? I cannot seem to make sense of any posts about it and Samsung support just say check the members app. It seems people in the UK have had it for weeks already but others are just getting server error as I did for a while, the banner has since disappeared. 


If the beta is out could someone let me know why it's not appearing for me? My phone is has been unlocked.



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Personally I missed it in the Samsung Members App myself @Jamesn123 


From what I remember from last time it was a case of applying to be a beta tester via the link in the app and then waiting to see if one was chosen.


Owning an eligible phone that's unlocked i.e supplied directly by Samsung didn't guarantee acceptance. 




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The trusted reviews link you posted is from the the week where apparently the beta was released accidently for less than a day according to posts and Samsung. Apart from that I've not seen any official UK release posts since which still makes me think they haven't released it yet? 

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I am still waiting yet .. I am on NOte 10 plus and open UI2.0 beta 2 was released in US Germany Spain India but not in the UK what a shame. I am desperately waiting for the same.. can anyone confirm if this will be released in UK or we shave to wait for the official release? I was an iPhone user and moved to note 10 recently and feels very uncomfortable using the back button need gesture navigation ..

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