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No text notifications on S10+


@abdulmismail wrote:

Greetings all.


I obtained my new S10+ two weeks ago. I've been using Truecaller and have the paid version and never had a problem with it with the S6 or S8. I noticed, however, that I am not receiving "text jingles" when I receive text messages even though all the notifications are switched on. I figured that there was some software conflict so I tried using Samsung's standard text message app - but I have the same problem. I receive texts and don't get a jingle. 

Does anyone have the same issue and if so, did you resolve it? I'm missing important messages and it's getting annoying. I didn't pay additional money for an early upgrade to experience such a simple problem. Thanks in advance.

Final update: Solution found!!!


I installed a software called AMC Security and in the menu, it has an option called Notification Cleaner.


I had that selected, "on". The moment I turned it off, text jingles started again.

Did not work for me....

Hey Bobby. I know it's a pain - but I strongly recommend you go through all your apps such as cleaners, antivirus etc. Anything that controls other apps.

For example, earlier this week, I did a "force restart" on both Samsung Messages as well as Truecaller (which I use as my main phone/text applications) and the text message jingles came back. Then, I did something else and the jingles went away again. This time, I looked at AMC Security as well as Avast and I found that I'd accidentally blocked notifications on one of them.

So, this is a software issue that you (or in this case, I) installed which over rules Samsung's programming.


Quick correct to my "solution found" post.


I didn't just install AMC Security. 

I already had it installed and I didn't realise but I turned of not just text but lots of other notifcations.


So, to confirm. I didn't install AMC Security to resolve this problem. The problem stemmed from this software which overruled Samsung commands.


Thank you. I will keep looking. I appreciate you possibly narrowing it down!

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I am having the same problem, tried everything! Im ready to do a hard reset.


Before you do a hard reset - do what I did. It was incredibly laborious but I went through every single app and switched off notifications; especially the anti virus and anti malware software. Those software seem to have override options for Samsung's system settings - even if they're switched on.

That's what I did. I was going to do a factory reset but I managed to get it working now.

Hope it works out for you. It's a real pain the backside and Samsung has don't nother to help.


Thanks for this good info. I'll give it a try. 

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