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No Root Disable Apps Help




Want to know if theres a good safe way without rooting to disable/delete apps - noticed while clearing RAM via device care that so many apps that just dont need to be running are taking up raw and id imagine battery too. 


Any tips would be great. 


Thank you 

Helping Hand

Package Disabler Pro (Might want to buy from their website as Samsung pull the Google Play version regular) or ADB if you are confident with it are the "Tried and Trusted" ways, but be careful what you remove...




ADB is a very easy way to do it.  Have heard of using package disabler pro but you will need to keep paying for it. Adhell3 is the other way to do it if you are a bit techy (ADB requires some tech skills but once you've got it figured out its SUPER easy. I used ADB on my previous device but it's annoying because you need a computer.  I have a full day tomorrow and am going to maybe try is both a system-level adblocking solution as well as package disabler.  I am also a bit nerdy myself and find stuff like that fun to learn and do)

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