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NFC auto switch off


Hi everyone.


Does anyone think if it is possible to have NFC to switch off by itself ?


I would like just for security reasons after I do a Payment with Google Pay, the NFC to just close by itself after for lets say 5-10 minutes of innactivity.


Do you think this is possible ?


Cause many times I forget to turn it off after I pay since usually I am in  a hurry.



AndrewL Moderator
@fotis3d: Sadly the option to auto disable NFC isn't available, however you can quickly switch off the feature by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom and tapping NFC in the Quick Settings menu.

Yes I know that but usually I forget it...

Superuser II
Superuser II

There is possible to show the NFC settings using Tasker so you don't forget to do that. Unfortunately, Tasker should be able also turn it off but it needs some extended permissions and I don't have time now to solve it.


This sound like a solution indeed I wasn't aware of Tasker. Any thoughts of a free solution ? If not maybe I should try that.


Also I need not to require Root since I use Google Pay and I do not want to have any troubles with warranty either.





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