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Mysterious light


Good Morning.

Yesterday I noticed that began appearing in calls through (Whatsapp and Messenger) a bright spot above the percentage of the battery. During the call the point is blinking.
Is it a bad pixel? Without solution?

Thank you

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Hi @Madureira 


Does this spot disappear when you are not using those apps ?


If so it could be some part of the app to indicate something and as such if it does disappear then its not a stuck or bad pixel.



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Don't worry. It's proximity sensor that is active during phone calls - it deactivates the screen when it's close to your face so you wouldn't accidentally push some buttons while on call.
Yes disappear when stop call. I thing is the sensor proximity.
Yes it is the Proximity Sensor it lights up when it's activated so you can see where it is.
You can check it when you are listening a voice message via Whatsapp or calling somebody.
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