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My telephoto lens didn't work.

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Do I miss something on the review of S10? I just realize my telephoto lens didn't work as promised, eventhough I optically extra zoom on the camera the middle camera a.k.a wide camera is still in mode. What do I mean was, the middle camera is taking the functionality of the telephoto camera. When I cover my finger on the other two lenses they just fine, but the telephoto lens doesn't show any sign that I'm covering the lens. Please anyone give an advice to solve this thank you. Love Samsung.

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Same here


Same here  Wtf is up with that

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The main camera is used when you are too close or there is only a few light. Try it in a sunny day in an open area and you'll see that the tele camera is used.

But as you can feel, the tele camera isn't something perfect so using ot it makes sense only in very good light conditions. In a room is better to use main camera and then make a crop of the picture.

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Alhamdulillah, I got it. Btw thanks for answering me. Gratefully, the telephoto lens does work as the way you explain.

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