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It's been 6 weeks since the moisture detected appeared out of nowhere (not really, I was at a cold and humid place for 2 days with a 360 ip68 case just in case), the phone never touched the water or been submerged and it's been more than a month now. At this point I completely gave up with all the "solutions" I read online (including this forum). Please samsung help me, I use my phone daily to work and I can't take it to the closest center because its actually very, very far (and I also don't trust the techs in my country)... I can't charge it turned off either (same error), hard reset and factory reset didn't work, cleaning it with everything in the world didn't work... Please disable the message, i know the usb port is NOT wet... I can't use DEX, transfer files or fast charge my phone. I'm stuck with wireless charging, which is not thaaaaaat slow, but I would love to use the USB port again. A software update with a fix would be awesome!

If you're struggling with a moisture detected error message and are relatively far from a Support Centre, you would be able to contact Samsung directly and they could organise a collection for your phone. The contact details are listed here >

Did you try a Soft Reset on this? You can do this by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Down buttons together for 10 seconds. Also, are you using an official Samsung charger with your S10 or have you tried any other chargers?

I did everything.... nothing helped.

So I gave samsung a call (from chile btw, which is where I live), they told me to go to the nearest support center, but since I can't do that I talked via phone with a support center and this is the conversation:

"We checked out system, and as your device is international, we can't give you support." I said "But my phone is still a Samsung original phone, does that mean I will have to pay to get support?", "unfortunally, as it is an international device, it is not compatible with out replacement parts from samsung, so we cannot give you support"....

I paid a looooot of bucks for this s**t, which btw is "WATER RESISTANT", and now, even tho i'm willing to pay for the repair, you are telling me you can't repair my device?????? Is this a f*****g joke???



The only service centers on my region will not receive my phone for repair for 2 reasons:

1.- The don't have the replacement parts for my phone to do the repair

2.- My phone is an international version (?)

So I'm stuck with a phone that cannot charge using the usb port, I can't use dex or transfer files, I can't sell it for a decent price because of this issue, Samsung doesn't do anything, I hate that water drop notification, which can't be disabled for more than 2 hours, so there is nothing else to do than take to an unofficial service center and hope for the best. Thanks for nothing samsung :@@@@@@@

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