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Messages Font Size on S10

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In the settings on my phone, my font size is set to one line to the right of center.  All of the fonts in my display and apps are fine except for some reason when I am in a text message the font is GIANT.  The main screen when I enter messages that displays the list of all of the messages that I have is normal.  It is only when I go into a text message.  I can't find any way to fix this.  The only way I can get the text messages to look normal is to reduce the font on my phone in settings to the smallest option all the way to the left.  When I do this it makes the rest of the font on my phone microscopic.  Does anyone know how to fix this?










Try this
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Cheers, Colin19! 


@kelly5494 : Try pinching the screen with your fingers when you're in a text message to increase and decrease the font size in the message.


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When you are on the message page do the two finger spread like when you zoom in or out on a photo. Done! It stays where you leave it across all messages (at least it does on the s10).
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Thanks! This one had me stumped for a while.
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yep, I was going crazy like how do I fix this.  You are correct on your answer.  Thanks

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Thanks so much!! I thought I would never figure this out!
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Works perfect ... thanks a lot
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Thank you so much! I had the same problem, and that simple thing fixed it!

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