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Lost galaxy budsbwireless charging case

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I just lost my galaxy ear buds case. Does anyone have an idea how i can get a replacement case? 

AndrewL Moderator
@Brunoaxel: If you are referring to the Galaxy Buds that were available as part of the S10 pre-order offer then sadly it will not be possible to claim a replacement case as Samsung don't provide a warranty for separate accessories. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause.
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Hi Andrew,


I have the same issue. My case stopped working after it was washed (don't ask how).

If I can't claim another case, can you at least tell me where I can BUY another one?



TomF Moderator

Hey @


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Can we just buy the charging case? This is stupid to buy the whole thing!


Also why can we locate the buds but not the case to stop this from happening?


I'm sure that more people will be losing cases as to the buds! So I would start selling them!

you got your earbuds already? and you lost the case already?
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Hell yeah😂


Then someone is telling me lies at Samsung because I was told they only got released last Thursday the 21st March 2019

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I got them from Hong Kong paid not free. They came out earlier in Hong Kong

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I got them earlier as part of the s10 preorder deal
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