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Led cover case picture cue

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Hello all,


I've had the LED cover case for a while now, and I've always had the picture cue on, that is the option to have an emoticon on while the camera app is open. But since a while now, it doesn't seem to work. It appears to me that the setting, picture cue,  in the LED cover app has been removed. Does anyone know how to turn it back on? Or how to get a different version of the app, where the setting is still available. 


All the best,


Screenshot_20190427-134117_LED Cover.jpgScreenshot of the app


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I having the same issue too
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same issue too.

The function disappeared after 3 days I bought the case.( maybe mid of Apr2019 )

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I'm also facing the exactly same issue! Samsung, can you guys just update us with what you guys are doing as update on this cover?! Its not a cheap cover, at least give us updates on what this cover promises!

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This appears to be the only thread I've found so far with the same problem I've also encountered. from NZ however.  The picture cue setting has also gone after the last system update

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Same problem here! Worked perfectly since I bought case with phone on release day. 


Was actually the best feature as it worked well to get toddlers/young kids to look at your phone when you were taking pictures. No it seems to have been taken away from us! Please bring this feature back Samsung!

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Bump... anything Samsung?  Please restore this function.  The case was expensive and this was the only useful feature!

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