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Last update : dual messenger broken

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Since I updated to the latest build G975FXXU3ASJD, the dual messenger feature broke.

When I enable it for WhatsApp or any other app, I cannot launch the app as it crashes right away, same when I want to get the app info from the settings - > apps, I search for the app, click on it then I get "setting keeps crashing"

I've tried rebooting, disabling and enabling the dual messenger.. Nothing works.

Any help is appreciated 

Thank you

TessM Moderator

Hey @CvAl92 ,


are all the apps up to date? If so, have you attempted to soft reset the phone? If you haven't done so hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until the phone restarts and try to launch any of these apps again to see if the issue persists. 

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Having the exact same issue. Would love a solution as I'm missing out on lots of messages right now
AsadM Moderator
Hi @SteveW5. Have you tried going through the steps @TessM had posted on here last Tuesday?
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Hi Asad, yes I performed a soft reset but it hasn't made a difference. I think the issue has been occurring since I updated to the latest software.

AsadM Moderator
Thanks for confirming this, @SteveW5. Have you checked whether the apps you're experiencing this with are up to date? Let's try clearing the cache and data from the apps this is happening with by going into Settings > Apps > 3 dots in top right > Show system apps > Find and select the apps > Storage > Select 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data'.

The problem lies in the way Samsung is coding their devices, they're so worried about keeping you into their ecosystem that they're completely borking the system.


Samsung is living in the past thinking their competition is Apple and haven't yet seen people have moved on. You get customers by putting out a product that works no matter what app is installed, not by attempting to keep them into an ecosystem with things nobody wants.

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion. No joy, I cleared cache and data for WhatsApp but could not even open the secondary what's app, again it crashed the settings app. Everything is up to date
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