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LED cover music player shows when no music app is open


I'm having issues with the LED cover music player after the android update (some other people have noted having issues with it in another thread


If I don't open any music players everything operates as it did and should, but if I open a music playing app (spotify, podcast addict, etc.) play something, and then close the application, the cover still displays the music controls, and will re-open the app if the controls are touched which is very very irritating.


Is this a ""feature"" or a bug?


Some options for "fixing" this have been noted as:

  • Turn off notifications for music apps
    • Not an option as I do want the controls when I am actually playing music.
  • Force stop the LED cover app after closing music apps
    • This should not be necessary and would also be frustrating.
  • Take off and put back on the cover after closing music apps
    • Frustrating and tricky as the case is well fitted.

Very disappointed in this. I'd been underwhelmed by the support/functionality for the case previously but it did the job to a reasonable level. This is no longer a reasonable level.


Accepted Solutions

Just got the software update which seems to have fixed the issue.


A month and a half of pure frustration. Lovely. Really unimpressed with this, honestly, but at least it's better now.

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If it helps i figured out how to stop it on beyondpod and should work on other things


Go to settings --> apps --> beyond pod --> notifications


Now ENABLE notifications

Yes that makes no sense but trust me

Then untick all the other options, but leave the top one ticked so they are enabled but


Lockscreen says dont show notifications


That should be it, though some apps may need more options


No dice, unfortunately.

I've toggled all of these on and off (and in other apps) but I'm still having the issue. Thank you for the suggestion though!










I am also having the same issue, it seems to be common after some searching, come on Samsung, get an update out
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Sorry to hear that. It totally fixed it for me with beyondpod the podcasting app. 

The only other thing I did was:

Settings--> Advanced features--> Accessories --> turned off Automatic Unlock for the LED View Cover


Below are my settings for Beyond Pod app



I had the exact same problem, was fine for a couple of months since since launch date of the S10 until like a week or two ago. Probably a software update that caused it... kept on playinh music when I closed it and put it in my pocket.


To fix it, I took the phone out of the cover. You'll see a sticker with some info at the bottom. Peel it off and place it at the top of the cover under the gap. Then take a piece of small paper and cover the area that you just exposed. 

Put your phone back into the cover and Bob's your uncle. 

Until Samsung brings out a fix, this is my alternative. Use it, don't use it...

When the fix comes, just put back the metalic sticker against the pins and reverse everything...

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Same problem here. It is very embarassing when cover is pressed accidentally and music starts in a work room. 

I'll wait for next update. If not fixed I'll throw it to the garbage. 

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Yep I'm having the same problem, started for me yesterday, after I installed an update in the morning. Those fixes mentioned are not fixes imo.

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Thanks   that really worked for me and solved my problem at least temporarily. It was very annoying sitting in business meetings while suddendly some of my music started to play ;-)

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Same problem here since the update. Samsung please fix!!

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