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LED Case turning off after 10 minutes




I purchased the official S10+ LED case but it's automatically turning itself off after around 10 minutes.


I've spoken with Samsung support on the phone who said (but didn't know for sure) that it shouldn't do this. I have had the case exchanged and it's still the same.


So I went into the Samsung store in Trafford, Manchester and they said they also didn't know for sure but it made sense that it shouldn't turn off as it's supposed to interact with calls, texts etc... They said they would get back to me and never did.


Is anyone else experiencing the same or can anyone shed any light on it?



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I have read from some people that some cases are having compatibility issues with the Samsung One Ui  / Pie firmware @Daskew78 


If this was my situation I'd also send feedback via the Samsung Members App / Samsung + App.



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Same issue after 10 min it's disactived and I need to swicht to off and tun on again  to work 




I am experiencing the same issue. I cannot find a solution yet.

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+1 - my experience exactly, not happy either.  I can turn the case back on going setting - advanced - accessories - LED cover - ON.  Only to have it turn off again.  Posting to follow.

Edit - just noticed you have a S10+, mine is a S10 flat but same issue.

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I'm having the same problem

Samsung says "There is no solution
There is no update plan, You can refund it if you want."

I received a reply saying

Maybe them put a limit on the heat.



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I am having the same issue as above with the S10 e . Posting just to follow

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That's ridiculous answer from Samsung.  So is it about all led covers or just some of them don't work properly? Did they explain? 

And yes, I have the same problem :(


The customer service is also having incompatibility issues with the price of the devices. I don't know how purchase processes works on UK but maybe returning the phone and the case and looking for something else.


I've decided to take it back and get a refund. The Carphone Warehouse had no issues with refunding me so kudos to them.


The phone is insured so I only purchased it for the LED feature, if that doesn't work I'm not interested in it.


Thanks for all your replies

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