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Kodi 17.6 media player


Hi all , I use Kodi 17.6 as my media player on my phone , before I got the new android 10 ui2 Kodi 17.6 worked absolutely fine and now it doesn't , says can't connect to server ! Kodi 18 works though ! Does anyone use Kodi 17.6 and have the new UI update ?? 

SaudA Moderator
Hi @Edgie70, I don't personally use Kodi, so if anyone does, I'm sure they'll jump in when they can.

Just wanted to say, as it is a new software update, some third party apps/features will not be 100% tuned to work with it. You might have to wait sometime for their developers to push through updates to fix compatibility.

It's also worth a shot providing feedback to Kodi directly, so they are aware of any issues.
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