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Keep Losing Cell Network Connection


Since the last update, I randomly keep losing all cell network connection.  Is anyone else having this issue?


At first I thought it was just the tower I normally connect to near my home, but it has now happened several times while out and about. It's random, sometimes it comes back by itself in a couple of minutes, other times I have to restart the device to get service back.


It seems they are making the networking worse instead of better fixing this issue.  Whoever is in charge at Samsung please, please contact your competitors at Asus or OnePlus and just ask for help. Both of them had networking issues and they managed to fix it.


I have the S10 + G975F/DS and I'm on G975FXXU2ASF3

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Had the exact same issue all day, I even did factory reset and I'm still struggling to make phone calls,  also when ppl are trying to ring me they get my voicemail as though my phone was powered off but it's not off its in standby mode! Hope they quick to resolve or replace my handset, need my phone for work.....


Doubt very highly they're going to replace anything, only way to get your money back if they fail to fix it is to do a chargeback against them at this point. This is why I always use American Express to pay for my devices.


The only other reason why they wouldn't be sending out a software fix is because they cheated and used inferior hardware and there is no fix using software. But since they seem to be silent as if there is no issue, it's hard to find out unless someone is going to take the units apart and test the hardware.

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Have a S10e and S10 - both on different carriers (Total Wireless and Straighttalk) and both are having the same issue ---- have spent endless hours attmepting to fix - reading that if you disbale band 41 and 25 it works but can not figure out how to do this --- will keep searching but really Samsung ---- get it together and fix this!


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I have the same issue since the last update on August 03, 2019. 

Please fix this problem!!!

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My issue was resolved when I got got an update for Samsung themes after the factory reset, I was told to make sure all apps were updated and when I checked there were 3 play store apps and 1 official samsung app waiting to be updated? It might just be coincidental but I inlet updated the themes app and the device has been working perfect since? Secret patch? Who knows... hope you guys get sorted, good luck!

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