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Is it possible to disable music controls on the S10+ LED View case?


  I understood that the "locking" doesn't seems to be related, however, the current behavior is related to it. The fact you have auto-unlock doesn't mean there is no "lock".  The modification of the default Android OS lock behavior by Samsung is the cause of this issue. The Android "lock" behavior is what protects your phone from accidental presses. The cover doesn't have a touch layer.


Thanks for the input but it's not to do with locking. It's to do with Led Cover Services. When you lock the phone you can still access some functions. But this audio button function does not close on the Led Cover Services app anymore.

Anyway, moving on, I think we need to make more new posts about this to get our issues heard. 


I can't believe we still haven't heard from Samsung or gotten a statement that they are aware of the issue. It's completely useless at this point, especially when you have your phone in your pocket and you use the Galaxy buds. Pausing/playing causes it to show the controls, which then reacts to input from being in your pocket like crazy. 


So I was on support chat with Samsung today and while I knew that they wouldn't be able to fix anything all I wanted was for them to give feedback to the software team which I hope they did at least. Here's what they said in the end:


Thank you for letting me know. I truly understand that you would like to get this sorted out, please allow me to explain that there are features compatibility based on the software of your phone where it has previously worked. I know that you have started experiencing the issue after software update, thank you for raising this with us, we would appreciate if you provide our developers a direct software feedback of your experience through Samsung Members application of your phone and select Support and tap on Send Feedback. This will allow you to ask a question or send an error report.

Ok, I will do that. But please if there is a way for you to provide direct feedback to the software team, I would really like to ask that you forward my initial message to them so that they can look into at least the forum post about it. It has all the feedback of everyone with this problem also

Rest assured that your feedbacks will be raised within our relevant team and once they have also receive your experience via Samsung Members application as this also will help speed up the process of reviewing your experience with the update. Our developers will ensure to have it reviewed so that once the upcoming be released they will be able to sort this out for you.


So please everyone go into the Samsung Members app, go to Feedback and send in a bug repport on the accessory!


This is the best way to reach out to the software team directly and if we want to see this fixed, I suggest we all do this


Awesome work Artey. I'll do what you suggested. 

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This ***** really sucks and this really is a lame workaround but I've noticed that if you press the power button right after closing the lid then the LEDs shut off.

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The 1st July update landed this morning for me and it's fixed this error.


Glad it worked for you.


But its been 27 days later after that update and the rest of us still have the issue


Today, July 28th, I got the update to my Galaxy S10+ and it works! Great! I hope you all get it soon too.


Are you sure it is fixed? It's always resolved after a phone restart, have you tried playing a song on Spotify, then closing down Spotify and see if it's shows clock again upon closing the cover?

I have the latest update as far as I know, the july release, and it's definitely still an issue in that one.

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