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Is it possible to disable music controls on the S10+ LED View case?


As far as I'm aware the update only fixes the issue where the music controls would never go away, it doesn't give us any options to disable the music controls - is that correct? I found the case's behaviour problematic before that bug came along and made it worse - if I was listening to music I found that if I closed the case and put it in my pocket while the display was still on, it would skip tracks because the front is so sensitive. It makes the case pretty much unusable if you want to listen to music on the go.


Fixed now in Singapore 

Just now received July update. If I close music player in the main screen then it doesn't appear in the case.

YES!!! finally it is fixed with the July update


I can confirm it has been fixed with 1 July 2019 patch release which I could only install today 26 August 2019. I was checking for an update every day... newbies at Samsung


God ***** it. Did the July patch but still fkn does it. Might try uninstalling Spotify, see if that does something but pretty sure it's the led cover service app that's stuffed.. 


For those who are still having issues even with the July update I found an easy work around. If you close Spotify while a song is playing then it closes the led cover controls too. If the song is paused it and you close the app then the led cover controls will still be there. 

So frustrating but at least that is easier than the other work arounds.


The 1 July update temporarily fixed it for me, but now it's not working again! This has been such a frustration and waste of time. I can't believe Samsung hasn't added an option to disable the music controls. The current method of working is designed for people who never put their phone in their pocket. Even when you hold it in your hand you have to be careful not to accidentally trigger the cover music controls.


Anyway, while we wait months longer for Samsung to fix this, here's my solution: create or download a music track that consists of several hours of total silence. 'Play' this track, then close the cover. Now when you inevitably trigger music playback accidentally, you'll only get silence, not the embarassment of playing inappropriate music during a business meeting or by someone's hospital bed (as I did recently).


I guess it's still possible to accidentally trigger the track-skip buttons, so perhaps an even safer option is to make sure that your music library consists of nothing but silent tracks.


Or just throw away the cover. Or buy a Google Pixel 3.



My solution which works (though annoying) is while a song is playing, close the app. Really bizarre but a song has to be playing . You have to properly close it though by clicking on the button that displays apps that are currently open then swiping up on the app to close it.

Close your cover and badaboom the controls are gone. 

Again a song must actually be playing. If it's paused then this process won't work. Still annoying as hell though. 


Thanks @ScottW for passing on that solution. Unfortunately I've found it doesn't work on my phone. If I swipe up to completely close the app then I find the music keeps playing (despite the app not being active), and then if I close the cover the music still keeps playing and the cover controls show up. This happens with either the Google music app or the Samsung one.


I've also found this sort of problem with the phone app on the S10. If you completely kill off the app in the middle of a phone call then your current call continues, and there can be no way to hang up. If you get back into the phone app then it considers that there's no call-in-progress (even though there is), and so it doesn't give you any way to hang up.


It seems that the Samsung phone has a way of keeping apps that use audio running, even though they don't show up in the collection of running apps. It's quite bad! They must realise this is a problem. I wonder why it's not a priority to fix?

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