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Is it possible to disable music controls on the S10+ LED View case?


OK cool . I'm in Aus too but nothing through for me yet 😭. I'm with Vodafone so it must be based on what carrier you are with (which is what I thought).

Thanks for the heads up.



Just when I thought this situation couldnt get anymore stupid.


I've reset my phone, I havent even used Google Music, and whenI close the lid, the stupid pause/play notification shows up.


At least in the past that wouldnt show up when i wasnt using my music app.


So rather than getting better with the upgrade, it got worse.


You would think something would be said by Samsung by now.

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Just received the July update. Problems fixed!!! Unlocked phone. Updated in USA (Orlando)



Not for everyone else it isnt.

No not in Singapore

I haven't looked at the forums for a while as I haven't listened to music on my phone for a bit, but now that I am again it's yet again become a huge pain in the you know what. I'm talking about the original topic of this thread right now (the general annoyance of the music controls), but that bug which causes them to stay on all the time made the whole situation even worse. Either way....


...Hey, Samsung, FIX THIS. Seriously. It must be a really, really, really easy fix to at least give us an option to disable touch controls on the case, but at this rate I'd take an option to disable all LED case functionality and have it function as a dumb case without having to worry about music randomly going off or tracks skipping. How on earth has this still not been acknowleged?


What I find really weird is when there are updates for the case it's always about improving the custom icon functionality but they won't, for some reason, fix usability issues that make me (and other apparently) really want to just remove the chip from this overpriced £55 annoyance. If you make a product that's makes people want to literally destroy the functionality that makes it unique you've clearly done a really bad job in developing it. But the fact that it's out there and is updatable, yet still hasn't been fixed, just takes the **** to be honest.


Honestly I really wish Samsung had just sent me an S10+ shaped sock at this point.

I agree 100%.. Samsung still not acknowledging this problem. I really wonder if there is anyone monitoring this forum from their CS dept.

I don't understand how people are still having issues. They fixed it with their latest update.


We have not received the latest update and still on 1 June 2019 patch release. Been doing manual update check every single day, still nothing as they release to specific markets and not all at once. Lights are on, but nobody's home... @Samsung, where art though?

Samsung has released the update but its actually not up to them when it is available. The carriers "test" the updates (apparently not very well) and then release them. I'm with Vodafone and they show a list on their website of the updates and their testing progress. So it's now not in Samsung's hands but our carrier's. 

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