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Is it possible to disable music controls on the S10+ LED View case?


I'm experiencing exactly the same problem but I noticed this after the last batch of updates.

I really hope Samsung release a fix for this as soon as possible. this is really annoying.



Hi all . 

So i can pretty much confirm that yes it's to do with the recent "security patch" update. 

I have also found that it is an issue with Led Cover Service. If you go into Settings/Apps and select the 3 dots at the top right, select Show System Apps then scroll to Led Cover Service. Click Force Stop and that will reset it but only until you use Spotify again.


Really bad programming on Samsung's end. This is not Spotifys fault from what I can see. Unfortunately there is nothing else we can do until they receive enough complaints of frustration. Lord knows it's doing my freaking head in.


Its not an issue with spotify, its an issue with all music apps


Yes, make sure when you close the lid, it shows the time, then it wont happen. If it shows the music controls (even though the app is closed, music stopped, nothing running), then it will pocket click to play music again. 

I'm doing a force stop on Google Play Music as well - its the one I'm using. I have also disabled notifications for the GPM app. 

@Samsung, do you read this? #Bug report



There is a principal problem with the design. The cover should lock the phone, enabling touch controls on the led view is just nonsense. Samsung will not deal with this since it is not a bug but a feature they implemented. Also, it doesn't ground airplanes -  it is just a horrible design and proof that Samsung engineers are not using their own phones.


I took some break from purchasing Samsung products after disastrous Bluetooth chips in early Samsung Galaxy phones. I hoped that things improved - lesson learned on my end, no more Samsung products.


This isn't really what we are talking about though. The issue isn't that the phone doesn't lock, this subject is about the fact that the audio controls won't close down as they did before the recent update. 

This won't change until they do another update.... If they include the fix. I don't even know if they read this. Might be to make some more fresh posts in the forum. 


I agree with you Scott,


More fresh posts need to be made so they show up on Google searches.


Samsung Customer service and their sales dont even know about the issue.  I went to the store the other day and told them about the fault, they asked me to show them.


I couldnt believe they dont even know about it, I wanted to give Samsung a go after so many years, but once again, like their watches, they release a product but with no supporting apps or accessories that work.


Is there a Samsung contact that this issue can be directed too?


You would thing this official forum would be enough.  Clearly they dont monitor it.


So true. As consumers we shouldn't be the ones that have to trouble shoot. They have a professionally kitted up facility for testing products and they pay people to debug. So why we have to try and sort it out ourselves using these forums is beyond me. 

They surely must know about it and if they do, at least release some statement that they are aware.


Think about what "locking" means, it is not that the screen goes black, but that you won't do random stuff with apps when placing the phone in your pocket. I have the same issue. Its a completely faulty design,  which explains the lack of response from Samsung. The current behavior is a fix of a previous audio control bug. Bugs are fixed, faulty designs are swept under the carpet... Samsung rules.



This isn't about "locking" the phone. This post is about the sound controls displaying even when the sound apps have been closed. Please read the initial post properly before posting. 

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