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Is it possible to disable music controls on the S10+ LED View case?

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same here . After starting and closing music app ( spotify , or google's play music )  the music control still appear on the led cover.

Found a way to get rid of it without restarting the phone:

go into setttings , select apps, expand the three dots (top right corner) and select show system apps. Then scroll down and select LED cover service and then select force stop


Note the music control will reappear the next time you start spotify etc, so you will have to repeat the above when you want to remove it


Even quicker fix: remove the case and put it straight back on.


Thanks. But it still kinda messes up the experience for me

Thanks. I hope they'll find a solution for this soon. This is too much for such an expensive case in my opinion.
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This works wel ....and for me after running Spotify again the music controls won't appear again after closing the case

You must also disable notify's for the music player apps. this is working for Spotify, My Radio, and BNR Radio but not for Samsung Music Player 

So work to do for Samsung developers, for example make it possible to disable Music control at all


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it only works if you turn off google music notifications .. Spotify and other players turn off notifications. it really works. greetings from the Netherlands


Yeah i know, but that's shouldn't be the case (no pun intended).

But thanks for the tip. 

(Groetjes uit Delft)


Having the same problem myself... bored of removing the case every time I listen to music! I don't want to turn off notifications as helps remind me of albums I've pre ordered. Come on Samsung!!!!!

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Dude! After closing the cover to avoid waiting just press the power/wake up button once. It will end the animation, controls, touch immediately. At the beggining I had the same concern of your but  after trial and error I found out this is the quickest way to get rid of the controls before shoving the phone on the pocket. 

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Same "there-i-fixed" method applied here. Not happy with that. It started to happen right after the latest S10+ firmware update
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