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In-app purchase denied, new samsung user- s10 Ikon s



So recently bought S10 and I love it, however today I tried to claim the exclusive S10 fortnite skin but when I confirm my account details it says "in-app purchases denied" with  "e100008/6050/.com.epicgames.fortnite" error message.


At first I thought, maybe this Is the app 

so I tried putting money in normally and confirmed Samsung pay but I was denied again.


Why is this? And what should I do?

Did you solve it? Same problem here..

It seems others have the same issue, so I'd assume Samsung are looking into it. My nephew redeemed the skin for himself, using my phone yesterday. Had no issues at all, had to add my credit card. Make sure you've tried it using the official steps in the image.




I did that 100 times.. plus 100 different ways which doesnt work either

I had this, I unistalled Fortnite, and updated samsung billing form the glaaxy app store and it worked, making sure to set samsung billing in fortnite setting after re-downloading.

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Yeah but how did u change the setting,cuz i dont see it anywhere


I assisted my son with this process and eventually found the problem. The issue in the end run was that Fortnite needs to be downloaded and installed from the galaxy store on your Samsung device and NOT the normal play store. I uninstalled the game as well as uninstalled the fortnite installer. Rebooted and searched the galaxy store for the installer. Once installed I followed the rest of the guide and was successfully able to purchase (no.cost) the IKONIC skin

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did you first have a server error and an in-game purchase error? And when you removed and re-downloaded the fortnite and the fortnite installer, did it work?