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INVALID SERIAL NUMBER / IMEI Samsung Earbud Promotion Australia


Hi. This promotion just started. I purchased an S10 from a recognised retailer in Australia. When I go to the redemption page, it says I have an INVALID SERIAL NUMBER / IMEI. Checked this multiple times. Still no luck. Please help. I do qualify according to Samsung's conditions.

SaudA Moderator
Hi @patricktapper

It's best if you reach out to our colleagues in Australia directly, so they can see what's going on with this. You can find their full contact details here:

Thanks. I did. And they say they haven't loaded all the serial numbers in their database. Despite giving them these details and proof of purchase, they have not responded. That was a week ago. New to Samsung as a phone customer and this is totally not OK.

AndrewL Moderator
@patricktapper: Sorry to hear you're having these issues. Were you able to select the exact model number at the registration stage, as if not then this might be why you're having trouble registering it. For your peace of mind however, please be assured that online registration of your phone isn't required in order to activate the warranty, as this happens automatically at the initial purchase date.

Thanks Andrew. The phone is regersted for warranty. I had no problem with that. As I said in my first post, I am attempting to register the phone for a redemption of a purchase bonus of earbuds. I have reached out to your redemption team in Australia and they are not responding. The redemption website will not accept serial or IMEI numbers correctly. The redemption team know this, and it still is faultly today. I just checked. I have no support on this matter from Samsung. Been trying to redeem the offer for nearly two weeks now. Please let me know what I can do.

CarlH Moderator

Hi @patricktapper. Andrew apologises as he mis-read your message. As we're based in the UK, we recommend contacting Samsung in your region directly for further assistance with this. 

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