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I'm looking for Galaxy S10e GCam XML files


Hello there, Exynos S10e owners,


You probably know at this point that the S10e's stock image quality is not great, but Google Camera is a viable option.


So I've downloaded the camera app, configured it with the included XML file as described, but I noticed that somehow, I screwed everything up. The image quality is on par with the Samsung Camera app in normal mode with the normal settings and in Night Sight with the XML file loaded, GCam crashes at 1.5 ms and 2.64 ms Night Sight Correction levels and at 2 ms, GCam doesn't finish the exposure process, so I have to restart GCam, taking a blurrier picture than the 1 ms image in the process.


So if you're kind enough, please send me daytime and night mode XML files that fix the bugs and make GCam take excellent, vivid and sharp photos.

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