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How to save the RAW/PRO mode on Samsung S10e?


There is a lot of stuff on google about this but as usual none of it works.

It refers to an option like "save settings" in the camera app, but there is no such option.

Maybe Samsung removed it recently?

If it really has been removed, what is the least crippled 3rd party camera app for the S10e? I am not worried about the wide angle lens; I know that the S10/S20 series cannot do RAW from anything other than the main camera.

Many thanks for any tips...

I use to use open camera from Google store , it allows raw capture still, you can cycle through the lenses , fine tune the capture compression , fine tune the level of noise reduction applied etc
I use to have an s10e so I can guarantee open camera works fine.

Yes indeed Open Camera was suggested elsewhere and it does appear to work.


I tried a few other well known apps and none seemed to work fully. Missing functions, etc. I have used various 3rd party apps for years...


I was trying to get the stock app to work properly because, looking at the last few years' Samsung phones, the 3rd party camera apps are crippled due to not having full access to the camera API. You tend to get


- slow focus (the stock app focuses instantly)

- poor or no image stabilisation

- poor quality of videos

- strange bugs e.g. auto save to dropbox saves under the stock app's file naming config while locally saved files are saved under the file naming scheme you configured (the reason for that becomes obvious below but is really spooky)

- etc


and since all camera apps are no more than a "control panel" for the camera API, you don't get any better features so if e.g. the stock app offers four levels of saturation control, no 3rd party app can offer more than that, because the app is not actually processing the image. It just tells the OS what to do with the image. The programmer of one well known camera app told me this, when I asked him why can't he do such and such.


I think this dumbing down is really bad of Samsung. They could so easily provide an "Advanced" mode which contains these options (like SAVING ALL CURRENT SETTINGS!!) so those with an IQ over 10 could select that


I don't think any 3rd party app can use the S10e's wide angle camera.

When I last used open camera you just had to keep tapping the camera select tab which flips from front to back, it use to cycle through the lenses. And open camera allowed api2 access .

I'm not saying it was perfect but it disabled the noise reduction, which I dislike .

Other than that I used Adobe lightroom camera.

Yes you have to select API2 to get the RAW option to appear.


The camera selection button is interesting. It cycles through


front camera id 1 (wide)

back camera id2 (wide)

front camera id3 (narrow)

back camera id0 (narrow)


I had not spotted that previously. Many thanks.

Yeah a slightly awkward way to select the lenses , and it would have been nice for the app to detail how to cycle the lenses.
I found out just by being a tinkering chimp , I like messing for ages with settings .

Still I agree having the stock camera being able to do everything you need would be more beneficial.

The app developer is pretty transparent with what open camera can and cannot do, like it won't add features but it will hopefully unlock hidden options/ settings , which I feel could easily be made accessible within Samsung's stock app

The other approach, which I can't find a way to do on the S10, but which worked on the S6 and S7, was 


- configure the camera app as you want it, and

- create a "desktop shortcut" for it


Then you ended up with an icon which would give you PRO mode each time.


Is there a way to do app shortcuts on android 10? The feature would be in the app's pulldown menu and the S10's camera app doesn't show any such item.


But even with this, you could never fast-launch (double click on power button, or whatever) the camera app in other than pure simple jpeg mode. On a r00ted phone this could be fixed by editing some XML files (to launch a 3rd party app, etc) but then you get other hassles e.g. no way to use google pay. I r00ted all my devices all the way back and the S10 is the first non rooted one I have  


These firms must have large committees working on how to cripple their products.

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