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How to force S10 NOT to fullscreen in some apps

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Hi, I'm using S10. 

I have problem with S10 fullscreen mode in some games, e.g.the camera hole blocks my map in MOBA game.


In the Display setting, there are only options to either 'Auto', or 'Fullscreen'. Is there any ways to force the app not to fullscreen? 


Thank you.

CarloL Moderator

Hey @poongplui! I'm not aware this is something that can be done as each time you open an app, game or not,  the smartphone sets it on full screen automatically so that you can use it correctly. Also, games are built by developers so that they can work correctly on the phone. Unless the game is downloaded from a third party source and it's not "meant" to be on phone. Try asking to the app support to see if there is an in-game setting to adjust the game window and fit it to the screen.

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Not quite sure if I understand correctly. So the answer is Samsung cannot be forced to use non-fullscreen, if users want they have to find out in application setting?


My doubt is that Samsung's setting can be chose between "Auto" and "Fullscreen", but why can't they "Non-Fullscreen"?


Just to be clear, I'm not using any apps that are not "meant" to be on the phone.

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