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How to access live wallpaper settings




How to access live wallpaper settings? (theme or color selection etc.)

In ALL my previous phones it was possible, but in my S10e I cannot find any way to get there.


Thanks for help.


Hope that this is not next of Samsung "improvement" like no increasing volumes etc...

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Hi @5ta1da ,


Can you tell us more about this one?


Are you meaning the Live Wallpapers (in other words, the animated ones) you can apply to the S10e's Lock screen? 


Which phones did you get to those settings on - and how did you do it?


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Install (for example) this live wallpaper


App have themes which are switchable via settings.

How to go to settings: After installing app click on notification and run app. It shows list of installed live wallpapers. Select installed one. Preview will show up with three-dots menu with settings option. -> THIS IS RIGHT.


But how to access this options menu from the system itself?


Let's try: Long tap on screen, Wallpaper, Show all, three-dot menu, live wallpapers - it shows similar dialog as in the previous try, but there is NO settings aviable and you can only select where to use selected live wallpaper (home screen or home screen + lock screen).


So, this is the problem.


Another of my favourites - Xperia Loops - themed one, the same problem and probably all will be the same.

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