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How do you claim the galaxy ear buds with the pre order of s10

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Just did mine took me ages. The thing that worked for me was to take off the auto fill feature with my name, address, number etc. Good luck 


I did it through Samsung browser and it worked. The difference between the two I found was that Samsung browser requested me to upload an image of my imei.


Try again pal. I was trying for 1 hour!


Finally done for me too. Now the waiting game for them to be sent

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This link leads to an empty webpage. Can't seem to find the information i need yo claim the earbuds and trade my old galaxy phone


Oh wow, yep me too. Just tried and tried, and after one refresh it just accepted it. Keep at it folks, or try tomorrow.

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Did anyone get a email confirmation?? 

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Did you get a email confirmation?

Both SMS & Email confirmation receivedScreenshot_20190309-003257_Gmail.jpg


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@Henshin wrote:

No email. No text.


Now when I try to claim it says my IMEI has already claimed the buds. Absolute joke. 


I have the exact same issue.  I have emailed about this but the annoying thing is they are mostly likely out of office till monday now.


I was able to claim through the shop samsung app.. apparently the samsung members app is not available in the United States according to the google play store. good luck

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