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How do you claim the galaxy ear buds with the pre order of s10

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Exactly the same issue here. I'm just going to wait for a bit and then try again later. Not a great experience for a first time Samsung owner like myself!


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I've tried to claim mine but the option of ear buds has now disappeared. Anyone know what is happening??? 


I pre ordered my s10 from carphone warehouse and when I went to claim my ear buds from the members app it said  i wasn't eligible to claim the galaxy buds why does it say this  

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So far I have successfully given my S9+ and Samsung Watch a charge from my S10+

I got as far as the instruction page in the Benefits tab in the app for the ear buds. 

1. Complete form. 

2. Enter IMEI

3. Etc...... 

4. Nothing more to add your honour as I got no further.

So I'm just about leave on my pushbike to collect mine from Samsung in South Korea.

Back in week or two. 


This is a forum, if you read through other peoples posts before posting your own you'll probably find an answer and save yourself some time.

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I was just about to ask, how do I use a forum and voila, you solved my conundrum before I asked.
Thanks x
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So I went back, the option had re-appeared in the app. There's a button "view details" which takes you to a web page to fill out the details. 

Then the page crashed. They're obviously struggling with the demand lol. 

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Screen from samsung members app was white on multiple occasions and then the benefit disappeared from the app all together.


I guess it's a server problem and I have messaged Samsung but I am not impressed

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