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How do you claim the galaxy ear buds with the pre order of s10

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I have the s10+ today ordered last week but when I click on the claim the buds on the app the screen goes blank!

Are others having this is very very slick by the way 😁

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Yes I got the blank screen too, give it a few hours


I managed to get mines in now. Been down all day though


Yeah I just tried for it to say i was invalid! Check conditions!!!! Got a feeling this is going to be a drawn out issue

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My Members App doesn't even show the offer anymore, it did earlier then the blank screen but now its disappeared from the Member App completely.



Another quick one. My gear s3 wont charge on it

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Being on hold for 15 mins so far sent message too I'm assuming it's so busy as it's launch day even so you would think they would be ready for the weight of traffic coming their way

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I had them showing as a benefit - clicked it, got the blank screen and now it's vanished entitely. 

Is this a scam?? He we blown £900 on a phone under the false provision of a free gift?



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Its now been removed from the benefits part on the app. Guessing they are having issues and will be back up once sorted?

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