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How do you claim the galaxy ear buds with the pre order of s10


@Koipanda wrote:


On your phone go into members, Tap Benifits, tap claim buds, may be different in your country 

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I got confirmation email from Samsung on the 13th March received them today, was getting a bit worried that they wouldn't show up but they did and they are great


Mine still say validated and I did this on the 15th of March 

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 Okay yesterday i received mine. After 25 days .They kept their promise. 

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I also just received mine today. 

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Thanks for this information, I just contacted them and got my query resolved from them immidiately. Once i contacted then in reguard of three way call on iPhonebut they took almost a week to resolve my query. It is very kind of Samsung community that helps in very shot time and resolve the concerned issue within no time as compared to iPhone service centers. 


Thanks again for support.

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