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How do i stop long texts converting to mms

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I have a galaxy s10 plus and send long texts - usually by cutting & pasting text from a Samsung notepad entry I have set up  (eg. directions to my house).  Its so annoying its converting them to mms and therefore I'm getting charged.  How can I either completely stop my phone sending mms messages or stop this conversion happening.  Thanks!

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Tap kn your messages app and then press the 3 little dots in the right hand corner.


Press Multi Media messaging. 


At the bottom itll say set restrictions. 


Press warning or restricted. 


You may find other avenues via a Google Search. 



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I've tried all 3 options but it still says "converting to multimedia..."   tried Google & still no solution :(

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Not sure if you have managed to resolve this yet, 


If not try, logging into message app, click on the 3 dots settings, click more settings, then tap text messages, where it says input mode click this and select GSM Alphabet. Long messages should not send as a text rather than multimedia messages. If your message still shows as sending when clicking into messages, hold on the message to copy text ( saves you rewriting it ) delete the sending message, paste the copied message and hit send. This will now send as a text message rather than a MMS. 


Hope this helps 

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hi, got same problem, i have samsung s10+ and i love long esseys withouth converting to mms, till december 2019 update you can use up to 10 smses then was converted to mms automaticly but unfortunately from few days after update ill notice now converting after 3 smses to mms wich is not to good for users like me.


i tried find option in phone to eliminate conversion but there is not anywhere


my solution till samsung not fix it:

-download meassaging app wich have no limitation and you can send txt absolutely long few thousends of smses in one txt (rememer that txt mesage going to long and it might be prohibited by operator hover up to 20-40 smses in one shouldn be a problem lets see im still learning)


fingers crossed samsung crew realise new update allowed us to decide how long can be text before auto convert or users slowly turn arround to deviced wich make no limits

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I also have been experiencing this issue but changing the default contact to the contacts mobile number stops it from happening 

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