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If I enable Hotspot of S10 and i connect my PC to HotSpot of S10, I can't connect to a PPTP VPN. There's some way to fix it. It worked right on the Galaxy S8.

Thanks M.

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there has been the same issue on the S9 and no resolution yet that I have seen
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This needs to be resolved ASAP. I have users that left Iphone because Apple stopped supporting PPTP tunneling and went to Samsung because I told them it would work only to find out that it won't. I have a Note 8 and it works fine. Doesn't make sense that the newest version of Android OS and newest edition of the galaxy series won't allow the connections.

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I have the same issue on S10+. PPTP Vpn is not working over hotspot on this device.

Instead is working just fine on Galaxy S7.

A very unpleasant surprise. I cannot do my job using this new phone.



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Everyone go to Samsung support live chat. Reference this chat web link. make sure you ask for a ticket number. 
I have reported this 3 times and every time support says this is the first report. With out a ticket number the problem does not exist.

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Confirmed that this is also occurring on S10 and S10+ over here as well.


When using the hotspot of an S8 or a spare Huawei phone - no issues.


Chat support ran through the process where we booted the affected phone into Safe Mode (boot up with the Volume Down Button held down) - still encountered the same issue.


Was also advised to try turning PMF on via Configure Mobile Hotspot - still encountered the same issue. Note: did not have to turn this on for the other 2 working devices.


Currently have already logged a ticket with a valid Service Reference ID but have yet to get a response since then.



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I just recieved a pretty large update.  It seems to be working for me.  S9+

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Also received large update on 8th April but still the same problem for the S9 - Can't connect the VPN from  laptop  when sharing mobile internet via S9 !  the VPN works direct from the mobile however 

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Is working on S10+!

I have just received an update.

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Got the same problem on my S10.

PPTP VPN ist not working on tethering on my PC

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