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Help needed! Forgotten my password and i need to restore my backup without entering the password I forgot? S10+

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Hi all,


I really appreciate any support on the following topic.


I changed my password the other day as i gave it to a work colleague. The next morning my mind went blank and i could not remember the pasasword for love nor money. i thought it will be best to wait a bit to see if the password would come back to me, but as you will probably guess that has not happened. 


I got a proof of purchase from my service provider, went to samsung and they performed a factory reset / flashed the phone. This got rid of the fact i can get into my phone without the password.


However, i am now trying to restore my latest backup but it is saying:


"confirm your old screen lock, to decrypt your backup, enter your old phone's screen lock on the next screen"


  • i know my google password 
  • i have got a proof of purchase


I went into the Samsung store 4 times, they said they did everything they could. They advised me to speak to google. Called them and google told me that this has nothing to do with them and wrote me an email confirming that this is a manufacturers issue not theirs. Called samsung, spent an hour and a half talking to an advisor who had zero clue what she was doing, then spoke to a supervisor for 10 minutes for him to tell me that someone will call me tomorrow as their support team is open MON-FRI 24hours and cannot do anything today.


My backup is there, I can see it, I can see it on google drive but i cannot restore my data without the old password which i forgot and on top of, Samsung nor Google can do anything to help me?!?!

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Have you tried putting it in some rice?


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Good Day aadam


I am sitting with the exact same problem. Did you get it sorted out? If so can you please let me know how...

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