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Has anyone recived their free claimed samsung galaxy watch valid from 1/09/2019 to 30/09/2019? (UK)?

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Just wanted to know if anyone has recieved their free Samsung Watch Active yet? Mine has been showing validated the day after I claimed it. They say they will dispatch within 45 days have not heard anyone speak on this yet, so thought get it going to see if anyone got it. It seems like people have not still recieved their Samsung Buds yet so not sure what will happen with the Watch. 

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My claim was validated on the 27th of September, still awaiting the dispatch email. Im aware that the latest ill receive that is the 11th of November. Just eager to have it still. 


I got the dispatch email today for my watch. Should be delivered tomorrow. 

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When did you put your claim in?

Claim was validated on 25th September and got email from dx delivery yesterday. Watch was delivered this morning. 


How long have you been waiting? 


Hopefully I should receive mine at the start of next week going by when you revived yours then. 😁

Yeah hopefully you'll get the dispatch email soon. Mine come at 9 pm in the night. Luckily I was home this morning when DX delivered. They always seem to deliver early morning for me. I got a speaker a few years back from a promo and they delivered before 10
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My claim went in on the 25th of September too. Hopefully i'll hear something soon! 🤞
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I had my claim validated on the 24th September, was told it will be within 45 Days and have received an email yesterday from DX Delivery stating that a package will be with me today. 


I have'nt ordered anything else, so can only imagine that this is the watch! 


It also appears to fall in line with those above who had theirs validates on the 25th and received them yesterday. 


Validated on the 14th of September,  still not dispatched. 

Contacted the customer service but just got the automated message bla bla bla within 45 days...bla bla bla...rubbish 

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