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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?

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I got an email as being dispatched 

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Just to add mine;


Validated 12th March

Processed 1st April

Email from DX today to say will be delivered tomorrow 



wasn't home when DX attemted delivery so booked redelivery to work for tomorrow. So far all with DX is going smoothly 

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My  Claim was validated on the 8th March and i got my buds last week. 


Recieved an email and text from DX on the Thursday and they arrived the following day. 


Great earphones and can't fault them so far.

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Yeah I had the dx email stating that delivery on 1st April. So stayed in all day awaiting the buds. Then the cheeky gits sent a email stating they tried to delivery.... Mmmmm no card no knock nothing... Thank dx


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Do the statuses update during the day?


Like a lot of people I was validated on 13th March and nothing changed this then?


I know still plenty of days left

I got mine today, delivered by DX.
Received an email notification yesterday that I was receiving a DX delivery, but not of what, or who it was sent by, so wasnt 100% sure it would be the earbuds.

i was also the 13th but changed today to processed first thing this morning. Sure they will wing there way to you soon.


So they lied and said they tried to deliver the parcel but haven't.


Knew I'd have issues with this corrier. Couldn't even speak to anyone on the phone. They said they was busy and then cancelled my call .

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+1, just received an email with a DX tracking number for delivery tomorrow.  w00t.

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