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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?

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I had my claim validated on 15th March, I have chased and chased samsung, but only got useless responses back, its nearing 3 months now, I've been told twice my claim as been raised as a matter of urgency, but still no idea what is going on!

This is some of the worst customer experiences I have ever had, and I still don't know when its going to end!!


It's weird, I was so excited to finally receive these buds, but haven't really used them- a colleague (expert in wireless networking/ troubleshooting) mentioned they always get headaches when they used the 'True Wireless' type earbuds, and it probably isn't that great for you to have a network going right through your brain! Anyway, did a bit of research and there seems to be a fair amount of concern from Scientists etc on the use of airpods and similar because of their proximity to the inner ear and brain, and the fact they are communicating with ear other through your head. Since then, I've switched back to my Blitzwolf ANC-1 headphones which have a box on a cord housing the battery and bluetooth components (and have awesome Active Noise Cancelling for around £30), and am just waiting to see what transpires in the TWS and health risks....


Anyone else concerned with the health side-effects? If you could advise where some serious studies have been done, that'd be great!




I'm still waiting.  It appears mine were pinched when in the hands of DX Delivery and probably other people's.

My wait is now in its 4th month still nothing????????

My last email from Samsung 10 days ago was they were organising the responding of my buds. Well still nothing.

Total *****. Lies and more Lies. Fraudsters!!!!

Cant be bothered know. I'll never buy another Samsung devise they lost my future custom.

The Media need this embarrass these Liars.



Today is June 29 2019. I pre ordered my Galaxy S10 Plus on February 28. I did not receive my free Galaxy buds. I have tried to contact Customer Service several times and every time I get a different answer. Last time I was told I would receive a check for the amount of $130 because they ran out of Buds ( highly unlikely) Nothing yet. Is this the way Samsung cares for their customers? This is disrespectful for us loyal customers who pay a lot of money for these devices. I expect someone get in touch with me and let me know the status of my gift.  

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I'm in the exact same boat. 4 months since I preordered my (very expensive) phone in good faith. Still no sign of the Galaxy Buds and still no information from Samsung.


Last week they emailed me to follow up on my delivery address which they claim they didn't have - in my eyes this was a desperate and thinly-veiled attempt to allow even more delay time.


The most insulting thing about all of this is that they are openly selling the Buds on the website.  I could go there right now and pay to have the Buds delivered next week, but because Samsung already have my money they will sit on top of their piles of cash rubbing their greedy hands together and do absolutely nothing to expediate the issue we're experiencing.


It's infuriating, I genuinely can't believe how awful the customer service has been considering I've proven myself a loyal customer over the years and preordered the top-of-the-range model from Samsung this year. This has really left a bitter taste in my mouth, I'm shocked and disappointed that I still can't get a straight answer from Samsung. 

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Hi.. I was just wondering who did you email like is there a link I could email to or something as I'm having the same problem 


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I finally received mine at the end of August after months and months of calling/emailing/complaining relentlessly.


There is an email address but they are absolutely useless, same goes for the twitter account, but you can try them:


My advice instead would be to call them and make sure to stress your frustrations fully. Unfortunately the only way I could get them to actually start moving on shipping my Buds was to ask for a supervisor on the phone and be extremely rude/pissed off. It is the only way they will listen to your request, trust me, I tried 10 times calling them and politely asking for an update - THEY WILL NOT GIVE IT TO YOU UNLESS YOU EXPRESS YOUR ANGER/FRUSTRATION.


I did finally get my Buds after speaking to a supervisor and telling them how ridiculous it is to be waiting so long, but this promotion overall was abysmal. The idea that you've now been waiting over 6 months to receive a pair of headphones which Samsung have been openly selling through their website is ridiculous. The excuse that "they took to many preorders during the promotion" is not good enough, Samsung is a multi-billion-dollar company and they claim to not be able to send out a pair of headphones? Not good enough. 


I hope you get sorted.

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