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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?

Next day for me
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Hopefully I'll get them on Monday but I live offshore so probs an extra day waiting
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What alternative courier did people get. Customer service said they sent it with an alternative courier with no tracking

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Hi Baps,

That sounds like a blatant lie. It sounds like between Samsung and the useless outfit they chose to deliver these buds have both lost the plot.

I've been waiting since March 7th and nothing. Tracking numbers Samsung have given me 3 times were never recognised I've been told twice the buds are with DXDelivery but still nothing.

Ive called DX Delivery and the tracking numbers have never been processed. 

I'm totally sick to the back teeth know.

Samsung are know allegedly investigating my claim . I've contacted them for an update as it's been over a week and still no responce after 8 days.

To All Reading This!!

I personally think that as DX Delivery use sub contact drivers I think there has been a lot of theiving going on by individuals.

That's why the allocated tracking numbers are not recognised by DX as their staff are probably filling their bags before their scanned in to their specific depots for delivery. Hense in my case no buds. 


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Cheers David for replying. My tracker went to processed and since then no email from anyone so contacting Samsung and they said their system only labels as an alternate courier. No tracking for an asset worth 130 is very dodgy. Agree with you totally. Samsung are useless. I've been waiting since the 13th of March and every call and email were lies. We will contact you shortly. BS. Never a reply. When I questioned the process and why they still have buds for sale and why people were getting theirs before me they didn't like it and refused to answer beside one person which she answered honestly. Pathetic a company this large cant fulfill their promises and dont bother contacting us.

The only reason I can think of about the courier is where I live there DX dont operate
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Just an update on my claim:
My Initial claim was declined on the 25th March, Samsung said due to me getting a family discount on my 02 account i didnt meet T&Cs.

Thought i would try my hand and try again. I submitted my second claim on the 01/04/19 and within minutes got confirmation that my claim was successfully validated.
Changed to Processed on 09/05/19 then yesterday 13/05/15 got the DX message that i would recieve the package that day. The driver phoned me that morning to see if anyone would be home and if not were he could leave the package safely for me to get.

Great service from DX in this instance.

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Wow. My one is a mystery. Apparently DX wont be delivering instead its DHL but they havent even provided me with tracking. Spoke to DHL and nothing under my name at my local depot. Been processed since Saturday morning. Joke. Anyone had to wait this long though? In my opinion it's not been despatched DHL aren't this slow
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It said 30 days 60 days ago still aint here

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Been 2 weeks on processed and no tracking number. No one has a clue what's going on. Validated since the 13th

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Mine well over 30 days now and still no buds. Currently trying to get through to customer care. Been on hold for 45 mins. Discusting customer care. Samsung lie out right 

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