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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?




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@Envisager wrote:

I imagine I'm going to have a similar problem. My initial email from DX had my address incomplete so I contacted them to provide the full address and details on how to find the address (I live on a new build estate that doesn't appear in sat navs/Google maps yet) . The buds are due for delivery today, I can't even track it as they require the postcode and tracking number and their Web portal doesn't like my postcode and throws out an error ) 


Looks like calling DX is the only option. Shame they didn't use DPD like with the phone as they had no issues delivering to me. 



Looks like I was right, my buds are somewhere in Leicester. Only about 300 miles away. Can't get a re-delivery before Thursday. 

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@Hackett has them 😯

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@Swiftycooper wrote:



The Holy Trinity.

Lol 🤣🤣🤣

Mine was validated on the 12th, Processed Saturday (30th), and just recieved an email saying it will arrive tomorrow. Seems they're getting through them slowly. Hopefully you lot dont have long to wait.

Were the flip is my email?????? Mine got validated on the 13th

Don't panic. Mine was the 13th too and not had any progress since. If you've read other posts you will see there seems to be no pattern to them dispatching them. Some people earlier than us are still waiting and some after us have had their email etc. 


Not Good i want to book the day off so I can be in for delivery.


Processed Friday night... Still waiting for my delivery email 

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