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Has anyone received their buds yet? (UK)?


@KillYourIdols wrote:
Really? 90% of people would kill for the Black ones over white.

You sure these isn't some Photoshop afoot?...

Absolutely not


Think I'd prefer black ones tbh still waiting for the email 🤔

Then their use of the English language needs a quick once over before they send out emails...


Sound great20190329_154605.jpg


I think im not due my email til maybe Tuesday / Wednesday. I tried claiming the buds sooner but it always crashed so mine was a few days after launch.

@Hackett wrote:

Sound great20190329_154605.jpg


Prince Harry?

Mine arrived today and really impressed with the sound and fit. Especially after watching some negative reviews on YT

To control the volume by pressing and holding down is Brill.  Much better than my daughters airpods.

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That's great I had to cancel my Amazon order as thry totally messed me about day of delivery was told that the buds are sold out even though they were on Pre-Order. Please let us know how the buds are as I've read, heard mixed reviews especially about voice calls. Many thanks in advance. 

No problem with mine with calls. The other end said it was great and wouldn't of known I was talking through the buds.