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Gradient banding on S10 on YouTube


I was watching an UnboxTherapy video, i noticed his grey gradient background had noticable colour banding, the lines were visible and was very annoying.

My cousin also experiences this exact same thing on his Note 9. 

To test if this was the display or the youtube compression, i took a screenshot and sent it as a 'document' via whatsapp to my brother, who uses an iphone 8 plus. viewing the image on his phone there is also the banding, HOWEVER, when actually going on the youtube app on his iphone and watching the exact same video there was no banding at all.


Does this mean its software and not the actual displays fault? does youtube do some weird compression on android? is it only on samsungs? 


or is it the amoled tech's fault? 


samsung/google please fix this!

Current Phone: Galaxy S10 128GB Exynos SoC | Model SM-G973F
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