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Google chrome on s10+


Has anyone elses google chrome moved the home, share search, tabs, more option to the bottom of the screen? I cant find how the setting changed and move it back to the top. I find it uses more of the screen than when at the top so want to move it back. I did a quick google but cant find anything that's fixed it. Thanks

Screenshot_20190731-152913_Chrome.jpgSee bar at bottom


Superuser I
Superuser I

This could be in connection to the Samsung One Ui where it's supposed to help the user experience to be able to reach everything with one hand etc @Venturergaz 



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Understand if this is the reason but it would be nice to easily be able to switch it back if not wanted.

Found a way via google chrome flags

Screenshot_20190801-140830_Chrome.jpgEnable chrome duet


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