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Hi Guys. 


So i am a long time iPhone user and just got my S10+ today. The learning curve is steep so please be gentle. 


I have all my photos in Google Photos. I was hoping / is there a way that i can make Google Photos the default photos app? For example if i want to send a picture in a text message or whats app or email etc then i wish to see Google Photos and not Samsung Photos. 

Many thanks



AndrewL Moderator
Hi Craig. It is possible to share images from Google Photos on your S10+ by following the steps below.
1. Open the Google Photos app (Apps > Google (folder) > Photos) and sign in using your Google Account details.
2. Select a photo and tap 'Share'
3. Choose Messages, select a contact and tap 'Done'
4. Add a title or accompanying text and hit 'Send'
Any images captured on your phone will be saved to your Gallery app, but you can set up your Google Account to backup the images to Google Drive, after which you can delete them from your phone and utilise Google Photos via the steps above. To do this go to Settings > Accounts and Backup > Accounts > Google > Sync Account > Ensure 'Drive' is toggled on, along with any other data you want to be archived.
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Unfortunately I don't think it's possible. IfI also like to make Google photos my default as that's where literally all my photos are. 

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That's not helpful at all. Doing this every time is time-consuming. We want to share photos directly from another app exactly when we are using the app. I got an Android phone because I wanted to get away from the restrictive Apple eco-system only to now discover that I have to deal with Samsung instead.

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Double post.


The option for me to send from Google photos via text is there

Open text app

Tap the + bottom left

Next there are 3 dots, tap that, then tap image, you should then see google photos in that pop up


Regarding email, again open email app

Tap the orange pen, top right there is a paper clip, again the Google app is there.

I'm hoping I've read your post correctly 


You can send a Google photo directly from the Samsung Messages app. 


1) select the four square icon next to the camera icon

2) select photo

3) select Google photos 

4) select once or always in the pop up to tell the app if you always want to share photos via text from Google photos

5) send pic



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