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Gear S2 watch too old?

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So I have received my S10+ today, and I'm in the process of setting it all up... But when I try to connect my Gear S2, it doesn't appear on the list of available devices and when I scan, the phone doesn't find it, either. Is the watch too old now? How can I make the phone find it? Kinda peed off about this, I wasn't planning on buying a new smartwatch, this one is perfectly fine for my needs. 😒

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Superuser I
Do you have bluetooth on at your watch and your phone and have the wearables app installed? Pairing goes though the wearables app
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My gear S2 paired with my S10+ fine. Just choose the my device is not listed option. You will need to perform a reset of the watch to pair with a new phone. So probably better doing this before hand

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My issue is that I can't wirelessly charge the gear S2 from the back of the S10+


It's the same for me I can't charge my gear S2 sport  I does start to charge for about 10 seconds and then stops. 


My S-10 Plus will not charge my Samsung Galaxy gear s2  the phone  is a.week old and the watch is 1.5 yrs .old. just seeing if anyone else has has this issue

I have this same issue. Did you ever figure a fix out. You can text ne at 9125510706. I cant get anyone that knows about this darn watch
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