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Gallery Face tagging not working

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I have just recently upgraded from the s9 to the s10. Face tagging is not working in my s10 gallery. My photos are not being grouped by faces, nor does the gold face tag icon appear on the photo bar. I have almost 2,000 photos of faces on my sd card, and just a little under 100 that I have recently download to my device storge. I have tried clearing the cmhprovider app data, but to no avail. After I transfered sd card, I coppied the same folder to the device storage of my s9, and it tagged the whole foler in minutes. My s10 gallery app is updated to the most recent version.

Send help plz,


Superuser I
Superuser I
I would recommend to just wait after tagging. Indexing takes quite a bit of time and isn't an instant trick.

Has it worked or still you dont get face tagging?


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