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Hi all , hope you don't mind me posting this in here but I'm thinking of buying some galaxy buds to go with my S10 , does anyone own any and if so are they any good ?? Cheers team 

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Hi @Edgie70 


I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Buds in Black from Samsung and I've not had any issues with the music playback on them.


I use the Samsung Music App and under its settings I can customize the equalizer options to tweak the bass etc.

i.e. Screenshot_20190705-052804_SoundAlive.jpg

They stay in my ears securely due to the eartips and ear fins.


Just ensure you use the options that give you a secure fit.


If you don't then some quality of bass can be lost.


Remember your ears maybe different fits for the left and right so experiment with the supplied fins and tips. 


For me the already fitted medium options are great.


The playback time is pretty much spot on and the charging case holds its charge very well.


I like the way I can wirelessly charge the case too.


You can use both Buds or either one singularly too.


Using them for voice calls is a bit of a hit and miss affair. They are great when indoors or in a quiet environment.


Outside can be patchy but to be honest in my case they have been fine.


They use Bluetooth 5.0 so connection is strong and I've yet to Experience any dropouts.


They pair up seamlessly with my Samsung Note 9.


Be aware they'll pair upto non Samsung phones but a person wont be able to download the Galaxy Wearables App and thus not use the extra features such as setting the touchpads options etc. 


The touchpads on the Buds respond fine and you can set them to perform different actions. I have mine set to turn the volume up and down.


The ambient option which allows both the inner and outer microphones pick up voices of people talking to you again is a hit and miss affair. I personally have deactivated this feature.


So in conclusion. 


A fantastic pair of truly wireless earbuds at a very competitive price.


Tip. There are some clone buds around so I'd suggest to buy directly from Samsung.



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They are very good for listening through and provide great quality sound. The work with my S10PLUS effortlessly. The feel comfortable when wearing them - just pick the right size of cup for in your ear, so it it not too tight in your ear; they are more secure than the initially feel.


The only drawback for me is I use my phone almost constantly for work and regularly get comments about how hard it is to hear me when I use the buds. One colleague even said I sounded like a velociraptor, which I thought would be a great fun sound changing app, but was not what I wanted to hear in a conference call.


I have been back to the Samsung shop to get technical help and all they could suggest was that I check the software version and perform a factor reset. All done and updated, but no change in the voice quality.

I would suggest if you will be hoping to use them to make calls they might not be the ones for you. I have had to revert to my wired headset for voice calls.

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