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Galaxy S10 Two Tone Beep and Normal Tone

New Member

Yesterday (1/8/19) my phone randomly started having a two tone issue. Turn the volume up and/or down it calmly normal beeps as you hit the buttons. It also simultaneously does this really eery  high pitched beep that is almost unbearable to hear. Somebody calling me , play normal ringtone as well as eery  high pitched beep. Consistently 2 tones. I can find another thread anywhere so I dont know what would have cause this....please help!?

CarloL Moderator

Hey @Otter317! Are you still having issues with this? If so, try testing your receiver: from the phone dialler, enter *#0283# > Select RCV Packet Loopback ON > Say a few words as if you were on a call. Can you hear your own voice?

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