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Galaxy S10+ Exynos lack of sharpness / focus


I have pre-ordered this phone (owning S6 before) hoping it will deliver stunning photos in any conditions but sadly that is not true at all. Photos lack sharpness / focus in most conditions and night photos lack lot of details. BTW I have already installed latest update.  Indoor video is full of grain, I have compared it side-by-side with my friends 4 year old IPHONE 7 plus (which has none). Stabilization makes it even worse. Please watch some night pictures taken with Google camera app port taken on S10+ and the results are stunning. 


Please do something about it that camera software !

AntS Moderator

Cheers @Plyso. Might be best to keep this to the other thread  on the camera and stock camera app's quality rather than make a separate topic though, as keeping things in one place on here attracts more attention than if you spread it out. I'll close this one off for you. 

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