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Galaxy S10+ Camera's Flash Goes Gray When Used

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Have you noticed, or probably I have a particular problem with my S10+, while taking either a photo, or a video, while using the flash, the shoot appears all greyish and the quality seems blury and poor. I tried contacting Samsung and using Safe Mode but nothing works out.

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If no case etc is hindering the camera it maybe an idea to take the phone to a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre for a diagnostic.



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TracyR Moderator

Have you done a Hardware test on your phone yet, @alex_kasabov ?


  • On your dial-pad type in *#0*#
  • Select Mega Cam for the back camera
  • Take a photo as you normally would.

Is the issue still there, if so, I'd suggest taking your phone to a Support Centre as @BandOfBrothers has suggested! 


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